The folks out in Far Rockaway appreciate all you did for a successful clothing drive. It was a wonderful way to spend a Nor’easter. A special thanks to Jill. It couldn’t have happened without all her efforts.

WEDNESDAY ONLY, we are collecting CLEAN, cold weather clothing and bedding to
go out to Far Rockaway Wednesday night. If you have the means, I know how
appreciated NEW socks and underwear are. Drop off bagged/boxed items between 12pm
& 7pm, Wed Nov 7th ONLY. No donations will be accepted any day thereafter at
this time.

With each passing day, with each new story of tragedy or triumph, we are awed by the strength of our neighbors. The massive losses suffered mere miles away humble those of us who reside in Midtown Manhattan. Patty, Jill, Kevin and I hope you are safe and sound. May your recovery be as quick and simple as possible.